Presbytery Helps in Refugee Crisis

Dunfermline Presbytery has agreed to support at least one Syrian family as an initial response to the refugee crisis. Rev Dr Iain Greenshields says it won’t solve the crisis but “you have to start somewhere”.

In an article in this weeks Courier Rev Dr Iain Greenshields said  “We are trying to help someone to live here, and are asking the Scottish and UK Governments if they would permit us to do that.”

While the plan is “very much in its infancy”, it is the first step to helping those so desperately in need.

The 24 Church of Scotland churches in Dunfermline Presbytery would sponsor the family.

Dr Greenshields said: “It is not going to make a huge difference to the hundreds of thousands of people there, but you have got to start somewhere and a group of people together can often do what an individual cannot.”

The full Courier article can be read here


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