Dementia Friendly Churches

A first for Dunfermline Presbytery


Dunfermline Presbytery hosted a conference for Dementia Friendly Churches on the 23rd March 2019 at Dalgety Church. The live stream from the conference can be viewed at

This was well attended and there was a desire to share the information and resources received and be made available to all.

For useful links and information see below from the conference speakers.

Ruth McCabe, Project Manager for Fife Dementia Friendly can be contacted at

Ruth has provided information covering:

  • The environmental assessment tool that churches can self-assess and Ruth would be delighted to follow this up with a visit.
  • Outside Checklist –
  • Inside Checklist –
  • Please contact Ruth if you have any questions or need clarification on anything
  • The information leaflet – Age Concern operates in Glenrothes only – the rest of the listings are across Fife or National.
  • If anyone would like to become a dementia friend online then they can access the programme here
  • If you register your details at the end then they can be counted in the Fife numbers. There are  about 3000 dementia friends to date. Ruth is aiming to get to 10,000 by October 2020 which is when the Project ends. People get an electronic certificate to download and a badge is sent through the post.
  • If anyone would like the hour long face to face session Ruth would be delighted to do that. She can take groups of up to 20 and can be very flexible with times to deliver this

Maureen O’Neill MBE –Director of Faith in Older People

Janine Adair – Alzheimer Scotland, Fife Dementia Resource Centre

Pamela MacKay – CrossReach Specialist Dementia Care Services

Other useful links

Reflecting on our day,

PSALM 23       ‘Looking back on a full life’

God has walked with me; I could ask nothing more.

God has given me green meadows to laugh in,

clear streams to think beside, untrodden paths to explore.


When I thought the world rested on my shoulders,

God put things into perspective.

When I lashed out at an unfair world, God clamed me down.

When I drifted into harmful ways, God straightened me out.

God was with me all the way.


I do not know what lies ahead, but I am not afraid.

I know you will be with me.

Even in death, I will not despair.

You will comfort and support me.

Though my eye dims and my mind dulls,

you will continue to care about me.

Your touch will soothe the tension in my temples;

my fears will fade away.

I am content.


In life, in death, in life beyond death, God is with me.

All through life, I have found goodness in people.

When life ends, I expect to be gathered

into the ultimate goodness of God.


‘Everyday Psalms’ James Taylor   Wood Lake Books  1994     ISBN 1-55145-045-3


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